Gemini Sparks XRP Frenzy: Is Integration Imminent?

• Gemini sparks excitement with possible XRP integration
• Recent US court ruling has fueled the fire surrounding XRP listing speculations
• Historically, Gemini has refrained from listing XRP despite its prominence

Gemini’s Cryptic Post Sparks Interest in XRP Integration

Gemini recently posted a cryptic message on Twitter, sparking curiosity about an impending announcement regarding their potential integration of XRP into their platform. This tweet instantly caught the attention of the crypto community, garnering 380,000 engagements within 24 hours. A recent US court ruling has given rise to speculation that such an integration is more likely than ever before.

US Court Ruling Fuels Listing Speculation

The current legal climate in the US for XRP has experienced a pivotal twist with a US court ruling that states that the sale of XRP on exchanges is not considered a security. Following this ruling, Gemini took to Twitter to announce their exploration into listing both spot and derivatives trading of XRP.

Gemini’s Historical Refrain From Listing XRP

Despite being one of the most prominent coins in circulation today, Gemini has historically refrained from integrating XRP into their offerings. Other exchanges have already taken action and reinstated their support for the coin post-courtroom showdown, providing some evidence as to what we should expect from Gemini in the near future.

XRP Community Awaits Official Announcement

The speculation surrounding whether or not Gemini will list and integrate XRP into their platform is still rampant amongst members of the crypto community. Though they have made it clear that they are exploring this option, no official announcement has been made yet confirming such an endeavor.


The long-standing silence surrounding this issue has finally been broken as Gemini contemplates making a bold leap into XRP territory. With its sly undertones and careful wording, this tweet from Gemini left many wondering if it was signifying something bigger – only time will tell if an official announcement from them regarding an upcoming integration ofXRPs into their platform will be released soon..