Exchange-traded index funds: This is how trading with ETFs takes place

Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs, means exchange-traded index funds, which means nothing but passively managed and exchange-traded index funds. These have been popular investment instruments for private investors for decades, as they represent indices one anyoption review give on a one-to-one basis and thus make it possible to invest broadly diversified and well into a securities market.

What are the main characteristics of ETFs?

An important feature is that the runtime is not limited. The goal is to map a securities index one-to-one, for example,


  • Commodity Indices

In comparison to funds, ETFs also have lower costs and are also much more transparent. Investors with ETFs can invest diversified in each investment class and profit from back link the ongoing exchange trading. In the meantime, there are ETFs for almost all equity indices, such as the Dax or the global index MSCI World.

What are the benefits of ETFs?

As mentioned above, the aim of ETFs is to them Plus500 scam these track the performance of the index on a one-to-one basis. Here, the ETF providers try to keep the tracking error as low as possible.

Of course, this figure does not succeed 100 percent. This is also the basis for the term tracking if etoro scam other error, which describes the difference between the ETF value development and the index. In general, the tracking error is the most important quality feature of ETFs. The tracking error depends on the expertise of the ETF provider and the type of index tracking.

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A major advantage of ETFs is that they achieve better performance in more than two-thirds of the time, any 24option scam out for example active investment funds. In order to achieve a higher return, the index return on an ETF less costs is achieved. It is also advantageous that all necessary information (eg fund composition, bid / ask prices, net asset value, etc.) can be called up at any time. In addition, the exact composition of each ETF asset can also be viewed other Copy Trading me at any time.

Other benefits include:

  • Liquidity: ETFs can be traded flexibly and current market conditions can react quickly. In addition, the various market makers undertake to ensure a very high level of liquidity. This is because they are constantly creating ETFs for bid and ask prices.
  • Investor protection: In the legal sense, ETFs are investment funds, which is why they enjoy legal investor protection.

What are the risks of ETFs?

For ETFs, as with other Social Trading well other securities, there are two risks, namely the general market risk and the exchange rate risk. Thus, social or political events can have a great impact on the market. At worst, the market can even break in. Furthermore, the tracking risk poses a threat as there is no general guarantee that an exact one-to-one mapping is achieved.

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